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Roof Cleaning Victoria BC

roof cleaning victoriaWelcome to the official Greater Victoria Roof Cleaning website. Here you will find information on what we do, the services we provide, the areas we provide these services for, and, most importantly, our easy, free no-obligation quote form! To start we’ll tell you that we’re a roof cleaning company in Victoria BC, but we do more than just roof cleaning Victoria. We provide every service needed to make the outside of your home or commercial building look sparkly new again. That includes window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing, lichen removal, snow removal and much, much more! If you want to skip the heavy reading and ask us your questions over the phone, call 778-400-4234 and contact us!

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Interior Window Cleaning Victoria

We’re familiar with all types of windows like storm windows with multiple sheets of glass. We remove panels where needed in order to clean all sides of the window. For residential and commercial interior window cleaning services in Langford or Victoria BC, look no further.

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Exterior Window Cleaning Victoria

We use the best glass cleaner formula to give your residential or commercial exterior windows the cleaning service they deserve–the best! As professional window cleaners in Lanford and Victoria BC, we leave no smears and streaks behind, making your windows look new again. Count on the pros!

Gutter Cleaning Victoria BC

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Welcome to our website. Our purpose as local roof cleaners is to provide Victoria BC with safe & affordable services. While many roof cleaning Victoria contractors charge roofer rates, we understand that the whole reason for getting your roof demossed in the first place is to save you from spending 10’s of thousands on a new roof. Keeping the customer’s best interest in mind, we make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck when you hire us. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Roof Moss Removal Victoria

After many years of trial and error testing different methods of removing moss, testing different demossing solutions, and working with a variety of different people, we have created the perfect system to clean your roof quickly, safely and efficiently. Safety is our number 1, quality is our number 2, and speed is our number 3. Click to learn more about our services.

Roof Anchor Installation

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Greater Victoria Roof Cleaning prioritizes safety first. Our ropes and harnesses are CSA approved, we carry WorkSafeBC insurance for all of our workers, and liability insurance for up to 2 million. We also install permanent and/or temporary roof anchors, which we do always recommend permanent anchors as you will have them on your roof for any future roof maintenance needed. If your house already has roof anchors installed, great! We will inspect them for you upon arrival free of charge.

Gutter Cleaning Is Included In Our Roof Cleaning Services!

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Our roof cleaning Victoria company offers free basic gutter clearing with the purchase of our moss removal services. As the moss we remove from your roof rolls down off and into your gutters, we scoop them out for you along with any debris you may already have in them. Downspouts are checked as well. Often homeowners will get their gutters cleaned separately from moss removal, and we’re here to tell you that it is not necessary to do so; not when working with us at least. As far as we’re concerned roof and gutter cleaning go together, and they should be done at the same time. We also offer additional services such as exterior gutter & eavestrough cleaning, exterior & interior window cleaning, siding cleaning, pressure washing & more.

Why Demossing Your Roof Is Beneficial

langford roof cleaningWhile roof cleaning is a dangerous job, keeping moss off and doing simple roof maintenance is important- which is why you should have a trained professional inspecting it for damage or any work needed. These are some of the reasons to keep moss off your roof:

  • Moss build-up will eventually cause leaks on a shingled roof. It slowly eats away at the material and removes the granules; which protect the asphalt from UV rays, create fire resistance and add aesthetic appeal. This is important because once the build-up of moss is bad enough you will likely need to re-roof. Often re-roofing is 10 times the cost of demossing.
  • Insurance will not cover you if there is moss on your roof!
  • Moss on your roof does bring the value of your home down unfortunately; you may spend $500 – $2,000 demossing, but you will likely increase your home’s value by $3,000 – $10,000.
  • Curb appeal. A picture perfect home does NOT have moss on the roof.
  • You get your gutters cleaned in the process–2 jobs for the price of 1. We do this because we care about your happiness and satisfaction!
The Wire Brush Method

There are a few different methods to remove moss from your roof, and after many years in the industry, we’ve come to the conclusion that manual removal with a wire brush is the best process. Many believe that a wire brush can be too harsh for your roof and remove granules, and that is simply a myth! The moss itself is what releases the granules from your roof. When we’re brushing the moss away, yes we see granules coming off, but they have already been removed from the shingle. Very few granules are actually removed because of the wire brush itself.

Whether you apply a solution to the roof moss and let it fall off on it’s own, use a paint scraper, a wire brush, etc, you will always end up removing roughly the same amount of granules. Applying a solution to the moss without exposing the roots won’t defeat the problem- it will kill the top layer of moss which is great, but only to have the moss problem recur after a rainfall and couple of months. This is why we believe the wire brush method is truly the most effective technique. We efficiently remove all surface moss, expose the roots growing in the shingles, and THEN apply an eco-friendly solution to kill the remaining spores. This tends to keep the moss off your roof for at least one year, but often your roof will remain moss-free for 2 years or more. 

1 Year Warranty And Yearly Maintenance Program for Roof Cleaning Victoria
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Greater Victoria Roof Cleaning offers its customers a minimum 1 year warranty for a moss-free roof, depending on the surroundings of your house- trees, moss on other roofs, etc. we try to offer you a 2 year warranty. We believe in warranties as opposed to just “guaranteeing our service”, Therefore you will have complete peace of mind that the money you spend on our roof cleaning Victoria services will be effective for at least the year.

We also offer something called a “Yearly Maintenance Program”. Where we come and spray your roof every year. This will maximize your roof’s life because you will never have any moss growing on it. From Langford BC to Oak Bay and all of South Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, we do nothing but strive to provide the best exterior house and building cleaning services we possible can. So look no further for roof cleaning Victoria and call 778-400-4234 today!

Our Company Has Expanded To Vancouver, BC!

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With the same quality we provide in the Island, we now operate in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our recent growth is all thanks to our beloved repeating customers. That’s why we’re also announcing that all repeating customers in Victoria on on the mainland now get a discount on all our services. From Burnaby and Downtown Vancouver to West Vancouver and North Vancouver, get all your residential and commercial roof cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and window washing services in one place. We couldn’t be happier about this. Thanks for all your support. We’re here whenever you need our help and exterior house cleaning services. To call us in Vancouver, phone (604) 332-1456!

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Locations: Langford, Saanich & Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and now we’re also operating on the mainland in Vancouver! Serving Burnaby, West Van & North Van with roof cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning & more, commercial & residential.

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